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Narcissistic Parent Survival Kit



Here's what readers say about my book "You're Not Crazy" :

Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

Congratulations for finding your way here. This means that you have already identified that something is/was wrong with the way your mother treated you, and have shown the courage and determination to search for answers. This is HUGE. It means that you have already taken a big step on the journey of healing from being a daughter of a narcissistic mother.

You may have come here via search terms which did not involve any of the words like 'daughters of narcissistic mothers' or 'narcissistic personality disorder' or 'npd'. 

In that case, it means that you don't yet know exactly why your mother is the way she is, you just know that your mother-daughter relationship is very flawed.

This website might  have the answer as to why.

But there's much more. The plan is that this website (and the healing resources I've created and found) will be your guide as you go on the DONM Journey - the path of euphoria, then sadness, bereavement, anger and so on that you experience.

And even more, this Daughters of Narcissistic Website is about healing from this - what we call your Recovery Journey. That's its main focus, indeed. All the other information is just to provide the understanding and knowledge needed before you can move on.

This is NOT about wallowing in the pain and hurt of being a daughter of a narcissistic mother. Not at all. (Although it is for sure about acknowledging it.) It's about moving on, healing, and claiming your own self as the wonderful vibrant woman you really are.

It's a four-step journey:

  1. First of all you find out more about Narcissistic Personality Disorder - or NPD as it's commonly referred to.

  2. Then you learn about how it manifests itself specifically in mothers with NPD.

  3. Then you learn more about the effects of being the Daughter of a Narcissistic Mother.

  4. And then you're ready to heal. The resources here are cutting-edge, powerful and gentle - and they work. Our flagship resource is the Narcissistic Parents Survival Kit and I do invite you to find out more about that.


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